domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

PF014 is functional and online!

Defbeat's "Walk Like Al Pacino" will fill your dance head with mafia fashion designs and retro organized crime coolness. Don't need to carry a gun, just download this release to your mp3 gadget and you'll walk like you have one.

domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

PF013 released!

Liss Casaro's First Stop is available for downloading at our site. We're not taking responsibility for the spread of the kinetic mind virus contained within it. In case of any doubts, consult your local dj.

miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

LISS C Welcome!

New artist had arrived!! Welcome Liss! Soon we will be able to listen to his release First Stop! Welcome to the familly

sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

On our first birthday...

It was a whole year, but right now it feels just like a single minute. Fast life, fast paced. Our celebration release "1 Year = 1 Minute" is our very own one minute approach to techno music. Whether it's 8 bit, electro, noisy-tech, jazzy-techno, or just plain techno, we united below the concept of expressing our sound thru the limitation of one minute tracks. Happy birthday to us and enjoy this unusual release!

martes, 22 de diciembre de 2009

Welcome Defbeat

Another young talent has arrived to the label, Federico Parigi (a.k.a) Defbeat. Welcome Federico.We could hear his release on January.

domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2009

NEW Albert Crombie's Shoebox EP [pf011]

We're getting close to the end of this first PF year with this fine release from argentinian producer and dj Albert Crombie. Tripping and dancing were always very good friends of techno, and this EP shows why and how. So don't blame on us for what you'll do under its effects. Enjoy!

martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

New Salkinitzor release "Flow With The Go" [pf010]

"Flow With The Go" is an acid journey in the low tempo high sensitive productions of Niklas Salkin. The technics used here are so mixed that we couldn´t tell if its origin is synthetic or not. Powerfull acustic basslines flowing with trippy pads and dirty percussions. Relax and enjoy.